I like to drink adult beverages, which after living in Utah for almost ten years, it would seem like I would have been effectively too annoyed to drink anything alcoholic in this state. The funny thing is, I learned how to drink while here. It is the place where I first tasted alcohol and personally immersed myself into the drinking scene. Although I grew up in Oregon and surrounded by a fairly robust drinking culture, it wasn’t until I made it to BYU and Utah County that I truly learned what I was missing out on. Regretting my earlier decision to be there, I quickly made my way to Salt Lake City, enjoyed a more robust drinking environment, and made a little home in a place where people were at least familiar with the concept of alcohol. Throughout this time, I have experienced the weird to the sad in Utah’s drinking scene. What more could I expect, though? Drinking in Zion is a weird experience, equally for the lifelong resident to the visitor who wants to just order a drink without a side of food.