Attempt at Something New

As a non-native Utahan, drinking in Utah and the surrounding culture has always seemed peculiar to me, even though my first drink was in this fine state. For me, it has been a Superman Bizzaro World-esque experience in trying to find a good drink and making sense of the norms and culture surrounding alcohol. In a state with so many teetotalers, it sort of makes sense. It’s like the blind leading the blind when it comes to regulations and laws affecting alcohol. At the same time, Utah has always had a special place in its heart (under its white shirt and dark tie, of course) for drinkers and wannabe drinkers alike. For me, I just like going to different bars and exploring what the state has to offer. Weird culture equals weird experiences, and I have had my fair share of those. With this, hopefully, I am able to make sense of it all. Cheers!


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